Neilson log

9'6" x 23" x 3"

I sold my log a while ago so that I could order a Tom Neilson. it’s done. hopefully it will be here in a couple of weeks. stoked. thanks Tom!

boards specs:

9’6″ x 23″ x 3″ Tommy Evans model.

I asked for an olive green tint on the deck and clear bottom. it has two 10 oz layers of Volan on the deck and one 10oz layer on the bottom. sanded finish. it will come with a 10″ Greenough 4A fin for some flexy turning.

I’ve had several boards from Tom. my good friend D$ has his entire quiver made by Tom -as do legions of Tom’s customers down south and in the Caribbean. Tom can shape anything and probably surfs better than you too. he definitely surfs better than me.

thanks Tom!

4 thoughts on “Neilson log

  1. Jeff says:

    she’s purdy.
    hopefully you can hold her curves tight when the going gets leashless!

  2. e says:

    shweet…dims please?

  3. e says:

    sorry…didn’t see those specs bellow the photo.

  4. ras says:

    Hey E. I added a caption after you asked for dims. I will now add some more info.

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